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£10m Plans To Rejuvenate Town Unveiled

aberystwyth development plansA number of exciting new plans to rejuvenate Aberystwyth have been revealed this week.

The plans, which will cost around £10 million hope to make the town a more appealing place to visitors and build upon tourism successes.

The town will not only benefit from an improved town centre, but work will also be undetaken to regenerate the promenade and seafront.

Amongst the plans it is hoped that a new £500,000 band stand and areas for outdoor eating and drinking along the promenade will attract more people into the town. This will most likely be achieved by increasing the width of pavements to accomodate for tables and chairs.

One of the other main points highlighted by the plans are that the town centre needs to be more pedestrian friendly, and much of the work will focus on making this a reality, whilst also improving the face of the towns central streets.

We’d love to know what yout think of the plans, and how you’d spend the money so please let us know below!

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