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£1M Grant For Aber Green Scheme

aberystwyth green transport schemeAberystwyth is to benefit from a 1 million pound grant to help further progress its green travel scheme.

The grant was recieved by TraCC, the Mid Wales regional transport consortium, and it being funded by the Welsh Assembly Government.

The plans were submitted by TraCC in July of this year.

The grant money is going to be used to fund the provision of improved infrastructure, which in turn will allow people who live in, or visit Aberystwyth to use more sustainable forms of transport in and around the town.

It is hoped that the project will not only benefit those who live in Aberystwyth, but also those who come to the town for holidays, college and university. It is also hoped that the peoject will boost the towns economy by providing better access to Aberystwyth. With the current parking problems, and distinct lack of free parking in the town, a number of people have been discouraged from coming into the town, and only tend to visit the supermarkets on the edge of town, bypassing local businesses in the Aberystwyth centre itself.

The funding will by used to provide cycle routes, public rights of way and an electric bus service. Further to this, there will also be improvements made to the train station.

And for those who are sceptical about electric transport, a number of towns also currently use electric bus services. My home town of St Helens in the North West runs a free electric bus service, which takes people in and around the town centre to all the main stopping points by the shopping centres, and the service is clean and efficient, and the bus runs throughout the daytime, and is recharged at night. The electric bus provides a clean and cheap alternative to petrol and diesil fuels, and will help towards protecting the wonderful environment we are so lucky to have in Aberystwyth.

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