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Aber Amnesty

Aber AmnestyAber Amnesty is the student run Amnesty International society for Aberystwyth University.

In line with Amnesty International, the group looks to stand up for and promote human rights across the world.

They do this by championing the work of Amnesty International and raising awareness within the local community itself.

The societies members regularly get involved in fund raising campaigns, and act as a pressure group through activities such as letter writing in order to further the cause of human rights on a local and national scale.

They also meet every Tuesday during term time at 19:30 in the Coopers Arms on the edge of the town centre to discuss local and global issues, whilst having fun in the process.

Campaigns vary throughout the year, and many members tend to get involved in the ones which best address the issues most important to them.

To join Aber Amnesty, get involved or just for further information please see their website.

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