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Aber To Benefit From Fuel Proposals

rural petrol proposalsDrivers in Aberystwyth and surrounding rural areas may benefit from new fuel price proposals set out by the coalition government.

Under the new proposals, a fuel stabiliser may be used to reduce fuel prices during times of rising oil prices.

Recent surveys have shown that rural areas in Wales are on average 5p per litre more expensive than city areas.

The proposals have been put forward by Danny Alexander of the Treasury Department, and would involve a reduction in fuel duty during times of high prices, in order to keep prices at a more sustainable level.

However, it remains unclear as to what this ‘sustainable’ level may be, and just how much tax revenue the government is prepared to sacrifice in order to help all the families across the UK who are srtruggling under the weight of growing fuel costs.

A recent survey also showed that petrol stations in rural areas of Wales are accounting for 50% of all petrol station closures, around double the rate across the UK as a whole and there is a worry that the closure of these stations is doing a lot damage to the local economy.

As many local petrol stations also provide other services to the community, such as convenience stores and in some cases post offices they are also leaving large holes in some areas, meaning that many people have to travel to larger towns in order to carry out many simple daily tasks.

Lets hope that this proposal brings some stability to an essential commodity that is used by all, as our pockets won’t take being held over the barrell of a gun by the oil companies for much longer, and it will literally drive people away from the Welsh countryside.

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