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Extending The Alcohol Free Zone

Aberystwyth Alcohol Free ZoneConcerns have been raised over the planned extension of the Alcohol Free Zone in Aberystwyth.

At present the enforcement zone covers large areas of the town centre, as well as the majority of Aberystwyth promenade.

The zone was originally introduced to combat a rise in alcohol induced antisocial behaviour in the town, and since its introduction it has had some success.

Although Aberystwyth is a very relaxed town in this respect, the rise in anti social and drunken behaviour was quite rightly causing concern amongst groups of residents, especially those living near the towns vibrant and busy pubs and bars.

Whilst many residents accepted that Aberystwyth’s night time economy was a good thing for the town, it was felt that something should be done to improve the situation.

The introduction of the zone and its subsequent enforcement by the Dyfed Powys police has resulted in a drop in night time crime levels, making the town a safer and more enojyable environment during the night, for local residents, students and holiday makers alike.

However, the new extensions would give the police the power to decide who can, and can not enjoy for example, a shared bottle of wine on the beach.

Now we all understand the need to curb anti social public drinking, which reflects badly upon the image of the town. However, is it right that those who may be enjoying a relaxing drink in the evening sun with a friend or partner should be regarded as trouble makers and treated in the same manner? And should the police have the right to make this judgement?

Let us know what you think below….

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Reader Feedback

2 Responses to “Extending The Alcohol Free Zone”

  • Alun says:

    The beach is already a part of the alcohol-free zone in Aberystwyth. See the last page on this link for a map:

    Although I support the zone in general, I’d rather the beach was taken out of it.

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  • says:

    I think the beach is a more contentious issue for two reasons:

    a) It is further from the town and the vast majority of people/homes in Aberystwyth

    b) The kinds of people who take a drink to the beach will include families, and people who do not necessarily associate a drink with excesses and causing trouble

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