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Aberystwyth Business Club

aberystwyth business clubAberystwyth Business Club was formed in 1999, and achieved its status as a charitable organisation in the aforementioned year also.

Its membership is made up from range of local business people and local professionals who each pay an annual subscription fee.

The vast majority of this subscription fee goes towards charitable the Aberystwyth Business Club’s charitable fund.

The club has donated funds to several local charities, and actively seeks projects and causes which require some level of funding or promotion.

The club is dedicated to the future prosperity and of Aberystwyth and the surrounding area, and proactively forge and maintain links with other local organisations such as the Aberystwyth Chamber of Commerce, the idea being that this will form a formidable pressure group for Aberystwyth, which will lobby for the further improvement of the area.

For more information on the club, or just to speak with someone please email or please phone 01970 625566

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