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Aberystwyth Castle

aberystwyth castleAberystwyth Castle has wonderful views of Cardigan bay and the surrounding coastline.

A great place to sit and relax and watch the clouds go by, or take the kids and enjoy the park, this castle was commisioned by Edward I in 1277. The castle itself took 12 years to complete in total, surviving two seperate uprisings by the Welsh in the process. A history of the castle is detailed in the mosaics which line the supporting wall, seen from the promenade.

The castle itself changed hands several times in its long history, between the English and the Welsh, and its importance as a seat of Welsh government should not be overlooked. In 1649 the order was given to have the castle destroyed, which is one of the many things which lends itself to Aberystwyth Castle’s current state.

A sunset overlooking the castle is not to be missed, and there are a number of superb spots to watch the sun sink into the Irish sea over Cardigan bay, including from the breath taking war memorial which towers over the south promenade.

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