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when did tourism start in AberystwythDid you know…..

Aberystwyth’s tourism boom, which is the basis of its economy today actually started all the way back in 1780!

The towns first regular transport service, in the form of a stagecoach started to bring in those with money and the town quickly adapted.

The stage coach, which was pulled by horses took passengers all the way from Shrewsbury to Aberystwyth, passing through Devil’s Bridge on its long and arduous journey through the Cambrian Mountains. The journey took a whole day to make (and lets hope they had a cushion to sit on!)

In fact, by 1785 the town which was once described as a ‘black and dirty place’ had really cleaned up its image.

By the mid 1780′s the streets were clean, and the infamous ‘dung piles’ in the streets which once served as the dumping ground for the contents of local toilets had long since gone.

The town became a more fashionable place for the gentry to spend their leisure time, and it made huge improvements to its overall look, with a number of more grandeurs buildings being built to suit the tastes of the well off upper classes.

The growth in the tourist trade also saw small groups of traveling performers coming to the town to entertain the well off visitor with time on their hands and money to burn.

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