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robert peston aberystwythDid you know…….

The BBC’s financial affairs correspondant Robert Peston has a home in Aberystwyth.

Robert and his wife were both regular visitors to the town for around 10 years, and finally bought a home in Aber in 2009.

He is best known for his award winning reports on the Northern Rock Crisis, which became the catalyst which sparked the financial collapse of banks, leading to huge taxpayer funded bank bailouts. This particular story won him the 2007/8 scoop of the year award, and amongst others he has also won the Broadcasting Press Guild’s 2009 Best Performer In A Non Acting Role award and Investigative Journalist Of The Year back in 1994.

Robert is married to author Sian Busby, who wrote the well known novel ‘McNaughten’. Released in 2009, ironically it describes a time of huge public discontent weaved in amongst corrupt govrnment and spiralling national debt.

Their local cottage is their romantic getaway from the all the trappings of life in the fast lane as a world renowned reporter working for one of the most established and respected media organisations on the planet. And with Robert’s interwest in painting wildlife and ocean scenery, whon could blame him for picking Aberystwyth as his 2nd home…?

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