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aberystwyth gallowsDid you know……

The seafront shelter near Constitution Hill used to be the location of the town gallows in Aberystwyth.

In fact, many a local criminal found guilty of a crime too serious to be punished by a day in the stocks, or a few years in jail were hanged on this very spot.

In fact it was believed by many that kicking the bar was meant to ward off evil spirits from the old gallows site.

In later years a bath house was built on the rocky mound which is now covered by the North Promenade, and was frequented by many bathers in its times. Built by Dr Rice in the early 1800′s the building was eventually pulled down in 1892, and the shelter was put in its place in the 1920′s.

Still, nice to know when you’re sat in the shelter eating your fish and chips none the less…

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