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aberystwyth war memorialDid you know…….

The seating shelter below the war memorial at Aberystwyth castle was built in an old sea cave.

Up until the 1880′s there was no promenade going towards south beach, and the waves used to crash against the cliffs, and over time this created a cave in the cliffs where the seats sit today.

In fact, the reason Aberystwyth castle was built in the place that you see it today was that it was protected by the river to the south, a marsh on the north side and the crashing waves and jagged cliffs looming over the sea to the west.

Because of this it made it very to defend, because in theory the only way to attack the castle was from the east, so the defences could all be focused in one direction, which meant the attacking enemy really did feel the full force of the castle’s defences.

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