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Aberystwyth Facts Did you know that the current Mayor of Aberystwyth, Sue Jones also starred in Monty Python’s the Life of Brian?

Yes that’s right. The famous scene with the crowd outside the window, and Brian in his bedroom.

That’s Aberystwyth’s current mayor, in the nude.

Aberystwyth actually imposed a ban on the film for 30 years. However, it is documented that the film was shown in 1981 in the town, so obviously this ban wasn’t too heavily enforced.

In 2009 Mayor Jones was reunited with Michael Palin, for the first ever public showing of the film since 1981 (unless anyone can disprove this? just let us know below!) at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre.

Mayor Jones, playing Judith Iscariot in the film, was cast as a revolutionary who became rather fond of Brian.

Needless to say her farewell to Michael Palin in 2009 played out much better than her farewell to Brian in the 1979 film, as he was strung up on the cross.

Aberystwyth’s Mayor has also appeared in French and Saunders, and with Victoria Wood.

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