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aberystwyth anagramsDid you know……

Aberystwyth is worth 33 points in a game of scrabble? And those 11 letters make it nice and easy to hit the triple words too!

It’s just a real shame that even though there are enough Ys included in a standard scrabble set, you can’t use place names!

And on the subject of word play, did you also know that the phrase ‘By Thy Waters’ is an anagram of Aberystwyth? Quite fitting really for a famous seaside town with two miles of lovely promenade and beach don’t you think?

Although there is nothing relevant what so ever about the anagrams i’ve come up with including such classics as ‘Why Batterys’ or ‘Raw Shy Betty’ …….

In fact if you keep the letters in order, there are a total of 21 dictionary recognised words to be found in the name ‘Aberystwyth’.

Got any other interesting anagrams for Aber? Then post them below…

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