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During World War II, the crown jewels were stored in Aberystwyth in order to keep them safe from German attack.

In fact, a whole host of treasures were stored there, including original Shakespear works, and it is also rumoured that even the Magna Carta was held there.

The storage tunnel itself was used by the National Library of Wales.

During World War II, Aberystwyth was not seen as a strategic location, and was therefore considered to be a relative safehaven for many important historical artefacts which may fall prey to the Luftwaffe in London.

However, air planes did occasionally pass over Aberystwyth, on their way to important targets such as Liverpool, and the surrounding Merseyside area.

The collection of artefacts was eventually moved from Aberystwyth, over fears that a direct hit from a stray German bomber, chased away from Britains industrial heartlands, may destroy an important part of Britains history.

The tunnel itself is located behind the old Milk Marketing Board on Llanbadarn Road, which is almost directly opposite the entrance to the cemetary by Vicarage Fields.

For some interesting pictures of the tunnel click here

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