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Aberystwyth Video GameDid you know…….

Aberystwyth was the setting for Playstation One game Koudelka.

Koudelka was developed by Sacnoth, and was released in Europe on 29th September 2000 and scored around 6.5/10 in most game review magazines.

The game itself is set in 1898, and follows young gypsy girl Koudelka Iasant, who arrives in Aberystwyth on halloween at the fictional Nemeton Monastery to find its gates locked.

On her arrival she is met by bishop James O’Flaherty, and adventurer Edward Plunkett.

The plot surrounds the old captain of the ship ‘The Mary Alice’ which sanks in mysterious circumstances, when a fire started on board the ship. Although the game hints that the fire was probably caused by the cook, the captain himself was blamed, and retired a rich man with his wife Bessy.

Ogden and Bessy then purchased the Nemeton Monastery, and met a woman named Ellaine who beliveved the captain was not to blame for the sinking of the boat. Welcoming her sympathy, Ogden and Ellaine became close friends.

When burglars broke into Ellaine’s marital home and killed her, Ogden and her husband Patrick looked for a way to bring her back to life, and stumbled upon an ancient text which could bring the dead back to life.

In order for the text to have any effect, it required Ogden and Patrick to place several fresh bodies into a cauldron over time. Starting off with prostitutes, the pair then moved onto abducting innocent people from nearby towns, and killing them in horrible circumstances and Ogden’s monastery.

It took over 200 bodies to get the spell to take effect, and the body of Ellaine was resurected as planned, but her soul was not. Ellaine was a monster, but with an Angel’s face, and not only this, but all the people sacrificed to the cauldron were awake too.

The monsters come in many forms such as ghosts, zombies, spirits and beasts, and Koudelka has been summoned there, along with her supernatural powers, by the spirit of Ellaine to investigate the strange goings on at Nemeton.

The game itself was an RPG, and came with a total of 4 discs and an age rating of 15+ and even had its own manga follow up, which came in 15 chapters, split into 3 volumes.

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