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aberystwyth starlingsDid you know……

During the Autumn and Winter months around 20,000 starlings roost at night undernath Aberystwyth pier.

The pier is one of the few roosting places in the town in which the starlings can sleep sfae in the knowledge that they are safe from predators.

Aberystwyth is one of only three towns in the UK where starlings flock en masse to roost.

Around half the starling population migrate to Britain, at this time of year in order to escape the colder climate and more scarce fooder supplies of Eastern Europe. The other half are full time UK residents. The migrating birds travel across Holland, Belgium and the North Sea every year.

Come the spring months, half the birds then return to Eastern Europe for the warmer summers.

If you get a chance to watch the magnificent lucid forms the birds make in the evening as they try to land in huge numbers under the pier, then take a camera and prepare to be amazed.

A quick tip however, don’t park your car near the pier over night! You’re spend on the local car wash will rocket!

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