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National Survey Confirms Parking Misery

parking in aberystwythA nationwide survey conducted by National Car Parks has confirmed just how bad the parking problem has become in Aberystwyth.

In a survey of over 9000 people it found that drivers in Aberystwyth spend an average of 35 minutes looking for a parking space.

Not only is this 10 minutes more than the UK average, it is the worst in the UK!

The Mayor of Aberystwyth Sam Hearne admitted that residential parking in Aberystwyth was a problem, with a large number of shoppers by passing the costs of Pay and Display car parks by parking on the back streets of Aberystwyth town centre.

The mayor went on to say that the problem was compounded by students who were also living in these areas (aren’t they classed as residents too?) and agreed that people living in the town centre should not have to pay for parking.

The survey also raised two other interesting facts about parking in Aberystwyth, including:

1. Upon finding a space 36% of people in Aberystwyth will not attempt to park in it if someone else is behind them. This only adds to the average time as they then drive off to find somewhere else.

2. 33% of local residents have forgotten where they have parked their car on at least one occasion due to it being away from their home.

Luckily for you, we’ve put together a list of Aberystwyth car parks and the best free parking spots in Aberystwyth to help you shorten your 35 minute wait in future! Check them out to save yourself time (and maybe money too…)

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