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Aberystwyth Passport Office To Close

aberystwyth passport officeAberystwyth passport office is one of four local passport offices in Wales earmarked for closure.

The Aberystwyth office will be closed by September of 2011, with the loss of several jobs.

The service is due to be replaced by a new mobile interviewing service, which will run alongside the virtual interviewing already in place in a number of locations.

This new mobile service is designed to allay the fears of the general public in remote locations that they will have to travel further in order to get a British Passport.

Other offices earmarked for closure include Swansea, Newport and Wrexham, with a total of 27 jobs being lost across the board.

The nearest office to Aberystwyth is now located in Carmarthern or Newtown, where residents currently take advantage of the virtual interviewing service on offer.

It is not known how many jobs will be created by the new mobile interviewing service in the Aberystwyth area, although the loss of further jobs is another blow for the towns economy and a number of local families.

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