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Aldi Development Approved

new aldi store aberystwythDiscount supermarket Aldi has had plans approved for a new store in Aberystwyth.

The store will be built on the site of Kwik Save and car garage, which closed several years ago and has gone into disrepair since then.

The site will also include a hotel complex consisting of two storeys, whilst the Aldi store will be three storeys tall in total.

Road improvements are also on the agenda before the project gets a final go ahead.

Although there have been a number of objections to the plans, no one can possibly argue that this is bad news for the town.

The old Kwik Save, which will become the store car park has been a blot on the main road for many years and gives off a poor first impression to many who visit the town as they head towards the centre.

Aldi as the 3rd largest private company in the world will also bring jobs and investment to a much needed area of the town, whcih will go a long way to stimulating the local economy, and providing work for local contractors.

However, before building gets underway the project must ensure that it deals with the risk of flooding at the site, which is situated at the side of the river Rheidol.

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