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Arad Goch

arad goch theatre

Arad Goch
Bath Street
SY23 2NN
Tel: 01970 617998 Email:

Arad Goch are an Aberystwyth based theatre group and registered charity who produce exciting and engaging productions aimed at both children and young people.

With their main base in an old converted church in the town centre they work both in Aberystwyth and across Wales touring extensively in order to reach out to as many young people as possible so that they can experience top quality contemporary theatre.

They have been in existence since 1989 and in that time have performed both in Wales and around the globe through the mediums of both English and Welsh.

The group also work to organise the Opening Doors festival which is held every two years and brings in performers from across the globe.

More information on their latest news and performances can be found at in both English and Welsh.

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