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Aberystwyth Arts Centre Film Society

film societyThis well-established Film Society is run with the enthusiastic support of local film fans, with invaluable technical help and fantastic hospitality provided by the Arts Centre Cinema. A growing audience enjoys the stimulating special programmes of cinema regularly shown throughout the year.

The aim is to show excellent prints of the best films, from all countries, since the birth of cinema, featuring the great names of the past such as Alfred Hitchcock, Richard Burton, Humphrey Bogart, Chaplin, Bergman …

The Society also showcases the work of exciting, intelligent, but less commercial independent film-makers of the present day, whilst also restoring to the Big Screen the major classics of the past such as Fellinis 8 1/2, Gilliams Brazil, Jarmans Tempest, Eisensteins Soviet masterpiece Battleship Potemkin, Chaplins Modern Times – along with many more great titles too numerous to list!

All films are projected professionally to the highest technical standards on a full-size screen with Dolby sound, and viewed in the comfortable and informal environment of a modern cinema.

Tickets can cost as little as £3.00 per film for an entire Season, which is a small amount to pay to enjoy the real cinema experience!

For more information please contact:

Aberystwyth Arts Centre Film Society, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, University of Wales Aberystwyth, SY23 3DE

Tel: 01970 622 882

Or you can contact Phillip Davies for any other enquiries:

The Society also has a colourful and informative blog, including their latest superb programme of rare and classic films shown, as intended, on the Big Screen.

All booking and membership details can also be found there.


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