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Aberystwyth Features On Autumn Watch

aberystwyth autumn watchOn Friday of last week Aberystwyth featured on Autumn Watch on BBC 2.

The BBC film crew were in town doing a special feature on the towns predominantly migratory starlings, which flock to the Royal Pier every night during the autumn and winter months.

The crew also went out on a dolphin spotting trip in Cardigan Bay, and had a number of dolphins swimming with their boat.

In the program the team looked into how the starlings manage to fly in such tight formations withhout ever flying into one another. It turns out that when they are flying in groups, they are not watching the birds in their immediate vicinity, but looking at the movement of the birds about 7 birds deep. They then react to the movement of the birds who are 7 or 8 deep in front of them.

They were also able to set up cameras under the pier, and were able to film the birds roosting. The footage showed a distinct pecking order, in which the birds higher up in the rankings as such roost further up the metal columns of the pier. It also showed that there is a level of infighting within the group, as the starlins fight it out for dominance.

You can see the full video online on BBC iPlayer using online catch up.

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