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The ‘Beast of Bont’ Returns To Aberystwyth Countryside

In a story which completely passed us by last week it has been reported that the “Beast of Bont” has made a return to the area around Aberystwyth.

The beast is said to be a big cat living in the wilds of the Cambrian Mountains and has been seen on numerous occasions since the 1970′s in Borth, Talybont and Devil’s Bridge. It is believed to be a puma, probably once kept as a pet.

The latest incident occured in the mountains surrounding the famous Devil’s Bridge waterfalls when two walkers discovered a total of 20 dead sheep. Many of the sheep and their lambs had been ripped apart leaving them without legs, and in some cases merely wool and bones.

Beast of Bont Devils Bridge Dead Sheep

Photo Credits: SWNS

Members of the Ministry of Agriculture in Aberystwyth were called in to examine the dead animals and declared that the animal which carried out the attack was much more powerful than a dog or fox, which would on many occasions be a likely culprit.

The animal got its name from the village of Pontrhydfendigaid, which was at the centre of its reported hunting grounds. In the early 1980′s 12 mutilated sheep were found close by at Ysbyty Ystwyth, and in the 1990′s many farmers in the area reported sightings of a black cat killing livestock.

The animal last made an appearance back in November of 2006 and was reportedly seen in the hills above Talybont which contain large numbers of sheep stretching right back to Nant-y-moch Resevoir.

In this latest incident the walkers stumbled across two groups of mutilated sheep in seperate fields less than two miles apart. One of the walkers was quoted as noting that one young lamb had been placed untouched by an abandoned farm building at the edge of the field, as if being stored for later.

There have for many years been stories from across England & Wales of big cats roaming the countryside, and many believe that the animals have been brought to the UK illegally and kept as exotic pets before being released when the owner can no longer be bothered to take care of them.

Although incidents like this are rare the ‘Beast of Bont’ can almost certainly claim to be the most realistic prospect of a big cat living wild in the UK, and this further dramatic evidence just goes to show how real it could actually be. On the plus side however, if he (or she!) has just eaten 20 sheep you’re probably safe to go out walking….

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