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Arrests Made After Borth Arson Attack

borth arsonOne home has been gutted and a second damaged by fire in Borth near Aberystwyth.

The suspected arson attack occured in the early hours of Thursday 17th of February and fire crews from Aberystwyth were called to the scene.

A 27 year old man has already been arrested on suspicion of arson.

The building, which is situated near a local Indian takeaway had recently been converted into a trio of flats, and fortunately the top flat was unoccupied as the resident was staying with her partner elsewhere.

Fortunately no one was hurt in the incident, although four people were evacuated from the other flats within the building.

Fire fighters had to tacke the blaze from an aerial ladder which put them in a better position to tackle the blaze on the top floor, which has caused major damage to some sections of the roof of the building.

Large parts of the road around the scene were closed of to traffic for a number of hours, and although incidents like this are extremely rare in Ceredigion we should be thankful that we have such an excellent set of emergency services who were able to bring the situation under control and make a speedy arrest.

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