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Borth Defence Opening Attracts Plenty Of Attention

On Thursday 8th March at 2:30pm Borth officially celebrated the opening of its new sea defences, the culmination of a project which has lasted more than a year and cost around £13 million.

The events saw a crowd of around 200 people from both the village and surrounding area descend on the RNLI car park for the ceremony which lasted around an hour before a buffet courtesy of developers in the community hall.

The ceremony saw speaches from both BAM Nuttall and Royal Haskoning who have both been heavily involved in the project in different ways before the plaque was officially unveiled by AM John Griffiths who previously saw the project in November 2011 whilst visiting to launch a coastal protection initiative for the whole of Wales. Local councillor Ray Quant also gave a speach as the driving force behind the project for many years.

The defence project has seen around 300,000 tonnes of material used to create large stone groynes and a purpose built reef along with a new tightly packed shingle bank which locals already claim has averted two floodings this winter.

Much of the material was sourced within Wales, coming from both the Porthmadog area in Gwynedd and also from Ystrad Meurig. A large amount of stone used to build the offshore reef was also sourced from Norway and brought just off shore from the village by boat as this could not be sourced locally.

Due to the adverse weather conditions seen this winter the construction team at BAM Nuttall have battled both the weather and the tide along with the reduced hours of daylight and this has seen the project overrun slightly although it is due to be completed in the very near future.

The heavy machinery however was removed from the beach for the opening ceremony, although it would appear that the remainder of any construction activity is taking place at the nothern end of the village where shingle is still to be spread across the top of the beach by the sea wall. Parts of the stone causeway used to get vehicles out into the sea to create the reef at low tide are also to be removed in the coming weeks

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