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Borth Sea Defence Opening

Borth coastal defence schemeThe official opening of the Borth coastal defence project has been scheduled for 8th March at 2:30pm.

The grand opening will be attended by AM John Griffiths, and will be near the RNLI jetty.

Borth’s scheme has cost a total of £13 million and will work to ensure that the village is safeguarded from the tide for many years to come.

Members of the public are invited to attend the opening ceremony for these scheme which was first proposed back in 1995. The ceremony will be followed by light refreshments courtesy of developers BAM Nuttall who have wored tirelessly on the project which has seen hundreds of tons of rock brought into the village and meticulously placed into a number of groynes to break the force of the waves before they reach the top of the beach.

The scheme is the largest of its kind in Wales, and follows on from the completion of a small scheme in Tywyn to the north just two years earlier.

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