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Borth Sea Defence Project

borth sea defence worksA major project to upgrade the sea defences in Borth is well underway early this Spring.

The project, which looks to replace many of the towns existing wooden defences with stone groynes has seen heavy plant machinery on the beach for the past few months already.

The scheme is due for completion later this year, around October time, although the beach will be open all year to holiday makers.

The project is due to cost around £12 million to complete, and visitors to the town will now see two large stone groynes taking shape at the northern end of the town, along with the construction of two breakwaters in the same area which are to be used to reduce the force of the waves as they move up the beach.

In the past few weeks the town has also seen the delivery of a section of the new man made reef, which is being position just off the coast in order to create waves for surfers, in the hope that Borth will become a mecca for surfers both in the area and beyond.

The stone arrived on a barge from Norway, although much of the stone for the beach defences has been mined locally in Mid Wales.

Although it is a sad sight to see the machinery on the beach, and that it has caused damage to many of the original wooden groynes along the beach, it is important to remember that this project in necessary not only to ensure that Borth is protected against the power of the sea for many years to come as it is as risk from both coastal erosion and flooding, but also that it builds on its successes as a holiday resort, and continues to attract more and more people each year to bolster the local economy.

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