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Bronglais Carpark Extension Bungle

aberystwyth hospital extensionHow much would you be willing to pay to park at Bronglais hospital?

Well it appears that Aberystwyth’s hospital is willing to pay over £600,000 per car!

And all this when the UK Government is trying to save money and cut budgets to get the country off its knees.

That’s right, it has been revealed that the new multi story carpark being built at Bronglais Hospital which is costing around £2.6 million will only contain 4 extra parking spaces compared to current parking provisions.

This works out at a total of £665,000 per extra parking space, and the project has been slammed as ludicrous.

Let’s just hope that the hospital trust doesn’t put up its parking charges to cover the costs!

The development is earmarked for completion in December of 2010, and will 91 car spaces and 26 spaces for bikes, with another 110 spaces at other Bronglais hospital locations.

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