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Bronson Donates Artwork To Attack Victims

charles bronsonBritains most infamous prisoner Charles Bronson has donated some of his artwork to an auction to help two assault victims in Aberystwyth.

Bronson, who was born in the town, sent the artwork to his brother who still lives in the area.

It is to be sold at auction to help fund a holiday for the victims of a vicious attack by Wayne Fox who was jailed several weeks ago.

Local girls Tirion Lewis and Miriam Evans were subjected to the horiffic ordeal by Fox, and his former girlfriend Tirion was left with life threatening injuries. She is currently receiving treatment at a specialist neurological centre in Cambridgeshire.

Bronson, who has expressed his wish to move back to the area upon his release is Britain’s longest serving prisoner, and although he has never actually killed anyone, his reputation within the prison system, back up by a string of assaults on the inside have turned a 7 year sentence into one lasting over 30 years.

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