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Canoeing – The River Ystwyth

canoeing aberystwythLength: 5 Miles

Time: 1 Hour

Start: Llanilar

Finish: Aberystwyth Harbour

Rating: Easy

The River Ystwyth upstream from Llanilar has a number of small man made waterfalls, which are made up from large boulders placed across the width of the river. With this in mind, this route avoids these boulders which could damage your canoe or kayak, and takes in the meandering stretch of water from Llanilar down to Aberystwyth. In summer the River Ystwyth can become low in some points, but it should still be passable.

To find the start of this route do the following:

1. Follow the A487 south from Aberystwyth towards Aberaeron and Cardigan.
2. After two miles at Llanfarian, follow the A485 on your left for Llanilar and Tregaron.
3. After three miles you will reach Llanilar. Follow the main road through the village until you reach the Falcon Inn.
4. Take the road to the left of the Falcon Inn and follow it round to the left and continue straight until you reach a large car park.
5. Take your equipment across the cycle trail to the stone beach, which sits alongside the River Ystwyth.

There are a number of stone beaches along this short stretch of the Ystwyth, where you can stop and enjoy your surrounding, or even take a dip in the deeper parts of the river.

The Ystwyth eventually comes out into Aberystwyth Harbour, where you can either paddle out to sea and along either beach to your left or right hand side. There is also a stoney beach in the harbour itself where you can finish your journey. At low tide the section underneath the harbour bridge can be quite rocky, so pick your line carefully.

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