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Canoeing – The River Rheidol

Canoe Aberystwyth Length: 7 Miles

Time: 1 Hour

Start: Capel Bangor

Finish: Aberystwyth Harbour

Rating: Easy

The River Rheidol is a difficult river to navigate in a canoe or kayak further upstream. That is why this route takes in the latter part of the river, without the rocks, waterfalls and large damn which make sections of the Rheidol relatively or totally impassable.

To find the start of this route, please do the following:

1. Take the A44 inland from Aberystwyth, following signs for Llangurig.
2. Upon passing Bangor Garage and the petrol station, take the next turn on your right.
3. Follow the road down until you reach the bridge which crosses the River Rheidol.
4. From this point you can stop in a safe place, and get your equipment down to the water.

With several stone beaches on your way, there are some excellent stopping places where you can relax in the surrounding countryside.

The water in the River Rheidol is clear and clean in most places, and provides good opportunities for swimming and generally floating about in the water.

Further down the River Rheidol, there are several smaller channels which come off the main flow of the river itself. Although some of these channels can be navigated, it is easier to stick to the main part of the river, even though they do rejoin at some point.

The river eventually flows out into the sea at Aberystwyth harbour. With a stone beach to one side, or the opportunity to canoe out to sea and along the sea front, there are multiple places to finish your journey and strap the kayak to the car.

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