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Ceredigion May Loose £250K Housing Funding Due To Council U-Turn

tai ceredigion logoA dramatic U-turn on a new social housing build in Cardigan may see Ceredigion loose a quarter of a million pounds in housing funding from the Welsh Government it can be revealed.

Tai Ceredigion’s plans to build new flats at Maes Yr Haf were originally given full support by councillor Marc Cole, but this week an unexpected U-turn saw final a decision delayed.

It is this delay that could prove costly for a county that has made affordable social housing a high priority in the coming years with over 300 young couples alone on the waiting list which contains more than 2000 in total.

Plans for a total of six flats were originally submitted to the council although neighbours expressed concerns with the size of the development. Based on these concerns plans were scaled back to four new flats and the land was even fenced off from adjacent gardens. The new building works would see an alleyway behind current homes blocked off. The alleyway has been a cause of concern for local residents fo years as it has been used to dump unwanted rubbish, and it has created a number of issues in relation to anti social behaviour.

The land had already been earmarked by the local council for housing, and at this moment in time with cuts of 40% to capital grant funding across the country it is worrying that this delay could cost the council dearly.

With an affordable housing shortage across the UK the issue is already heading to the forefront of debate with questions being asked as to who should get priority when it comes to home allocation, and just what is the role of social housing and is it truly able to perform that role? The upcoming elections will surely see light cast on the issue which affects many people both locally and nationally.

It is hoped that the scheme will still go ahead once a decision is made with or without the extra funding. However it yet remains to be seen as to whether or not Marc Cole’s apparent change of heart and continued lobbying will cause the council to go against the advice of the planning officer, and cause the county to loose out on hard fought for funding during this time of austerity.

Furthermore when additional funds once again become available at short notice, will it now become more likely that Ceredigion will be overlooked in favour of another county that can make its mind up?

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One Response to “Ceredigion May Loose £250K Housing Funding Due To Council U-Turn”

  • Steve Jones says:

    Thanks for highlighting this important issue. There are over 2000 applicants on the Ceredigion housing register and more than 300 young local couples waiting for their first affordable home. It is heart breaking when the County Council and local housing asociations have argued strongly for extra funding for Ceredigion homes, only to fall at the last hurdle (Planning Commitee and Cllr Cole’s lobying in this particular case).

    I hope some of the many people on the Ceredigion Housing Register will add their comments on here and highlight the deperate overcrowded and poor condition housing they are currently living with. There are over 150 new applicants registering on the Ceredigion Housing Register every month, and homelessness is also on the increase in the county. We need more affordable and decent homes before this housing crisis gets even worse.

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