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Ceredigion Rubbish Collections Halted

ceredigion bin collectionsDisgruntled Ceredigion residents are having to put up with excess amounts of rubbish after collections ceased due to the bad weather.

Many outlying villages are affected, although Aberystwyth will see collections this week.

The waste services have halted many collections due to health and safety fears.

The council has already admitted that it is running low on grit stocks, although it is coping much better than some other counties such as the Rhondda Valley and Gwynedd.

Cardigan was also affected by the weather, although a collection should be made on Christmas Eve which will provide some relief to residents.

Although this does come as some what of an inconvenience to many people over the festive period, with tons of wrapping paper and left overs being put in the bin, it is understandable that the bin men’s safety should be considered.

There have already been a number of fatalaties on the roads across the UK, and with the big freeze set to continue until Boxing Day at least, this is great news for bin bag manufacturers!

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