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Checkov’s Cherry Orchard Comes To Aberystwyth

Cherry Orchard AberystwythWorld renowned theatre director Joao Garcia Miguel of Lisbon brings his stage adaption of Checkov’s classic play, The Cherry Orchard to Aberystwyth Arts Centre for two nights only this October.

This famous final play by one of histories great playrights details how the end of one thing manages to lead into the beginning of a new.

The story surrounds a rich Russian aristocratic woman Madame Ranevskaya, who returns from a holiday in Paris to her well known Cherry Orchard estate, which she faces loosing after defaulting on mortgage repayments for her home.

Unable to cope with the present, she resigns herself to living in the past, whilst the wonderful trees of the Cherry Orchard surrounding her home are chopped down one by one.

The play represents two very prevalent themes from the time. Firstly, the fight of the aristocratic classes to maintain and uphold their social status within Russia at the turn of the century, and secondly the rise of the burgeoning bourgeoise classes, who struggle to find a real meaning to their new found material posessions and wealth in this time.

The play will be showing on the 27th and 28th of October at 7:30pm, with tickets ranging from £6 – £10 with group discounts available. The production will them be moving on to Swansea.

To book tickets online click here.

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