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Cheryl Gillan Cancels Visit To Aber

cheryl gillan aberystwythWelsh Secretary of State Cheryl Gillan has cancelled her visit to Aberystwyth last minute.

She was due to give the annual lecture at the Institute of Welsh Politics at the University today.

However she has cancelled last minute due to a planned protest by students over rises in tuition fees.

Mrs Gillan has since been blasted by ex Welsh Secretary of State Peter Hain, who claimed that he had never known a politician treat a Welsh University with such contempt.

Mr Hain went on to say that Mrs Gillan had let down students in Wales, and Welsh Universities as a whole by cancelling her visit last minute.

Plans for peaceful protests by students surfaced on the internet, along with plans to drown out Mrs Gillans speech in order to get her to concentrate on, and answer questions about the huge planned rise in tuition fees by the coalition government.

A spokesman for Mrs Gillan said that the withdrawl was due to the need for significant police resources in order to secure the event. It appears that the resources of the local Dyfed Powys police were not seen as adequate and other officers would have been required from other forces across the UK in order to maintain security at the lecture.

Students are understandably angry at being saddled with a life time of debt just for aspiring to get a better education. However, one thing Mr Hain forgets is that it was his Labour party who were resposible for the huge public over spend which is leading to the knee jerk reactions we are seeing to day from the Coalition Government on a number of issues in order to bring down the national debt.

However the current plans would still see students saddled with up to £27,000 of debt just to cover the fees for a 3 year course in the near future. Student anger is understandable, with recent graduates struggling to pay off their debts totalling around £18,000 for 3 years of course fees and living expenses due to the stagnant jobs market and slow economic growth caused by the recession.

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