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Corris, a small picturesque village to the north of Machynlleth is famous for its slate mining heritage.

And it is these slate mines that played host to Led Zeppelin during the filming of the video “Nobodys Fault But Mine”.

Filming took place in 1994 during the filming of the Unledded video.

The name Corris is believed to be derived from the english word quarries, and it is these quarries that have sustained the village for hundred of years.

Other than the remnants of the quarries which surround the village, there is also a narrow gauge railway and a number of craft centres.

The main part of the village is located away from the main road, which was built in the 1840s by the rich quarry owners to provide a bypass for transport around the village. It is also thought that the Roman road between North and South Wales ran through Corris village.

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  • Gwilym says:

    Corris is not derived from the word Quarries – Corris is an angliscisation and mutation of the Welsh Abercorys (the village’s old name), named for the mouth of the river Corys, as the village is where the the Corys joins the Dulas.

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