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Council Day Centre To Be Relocated

aberystwyth day centreNew proposals could see the Aberystwyth Day Centre relocated to the Town Hall in order to save money.

The centre currently sits next to Mill Street Car Park, which is also due for redevelopment in the near future.

Original plans to rebuild the Mill Street day care centre have now been scrapped.

Council Chief Executive Bronwen Morgan has indicated that the council will be looking into the cost effectiveness of moving operations to the Town Hall.

It will also be looking into whether or not the service could be provided in the hall which is currently being renovated, or if an extension to the building will be required to provide quality day care services.

However, the council has also set aside £900,000 from its budget, for possible works which may be included within the development of the new multi storey Mill Street car park, which is being planned to go with the proposed shopping centre development at the Royal Mail sorting office on Chalybeate Street.

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