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Aberystwyth DotCYM Project Loses Out In Bid

.cym domain nameAn Aberystwyth based campaign group has failed in its bid to secure to right for Wales to use the ‘.cym’ domain extension.

DotCYM, headed by Sion Jobbins was even backed by the Welsh Assembly Government.

The bid was based on the idea that a unique Welsh domain on the internet would promote the Welsh national identity throughout the world.

The bid, which had recieved a £20,000 grant from the Welsh Assembly as well as the personal backing of Ieuan Wyn Jones, leader of Plaid Cymru and Deputy First Minister lost out to the Cayman Islands in the Carribean.

The Cayman’s already have their own unique domain, ‘.ky’ now have the sole rights to use the ‘.cym’ domain as well.

After this set back, the DotCYM group are now looking at registering a new domain, and are already taking suggestions from across wales, with ‘.cymru’ and ‘.cwl’ included in the suggestions at present.

The group aims to present another Welsh bid to Icann, the international body who controls domain names throughout the world.

Although the United Kingdom has its own ‘’ domain it is felt that the strong national identity in Wales would provide a strong case for a bid to have its own domain name, seperate from that of the UK as a whole.

DotCYM was founded in 2006, and has recieved the support of numerous Welsh businesses and government bodies since its formation. The Welsh national bid was inspired by a successful bid by the Catalan Linguistic and Cultural Committee who put forward a bid solely for the Catalan region of northern Spain.

However, critics still believe that it is easier for a country which stands on its own, such as those represented and recognised within the United Nations, rather than a nation like Wales, which sits within the confines of the UK, although the Catalan bid shows this is not always the case!

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