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Recent Statistics Provide Positive News For The Area

Two recently released statistics have come as welcome news for Aberystwyth and other communities within the area.

Firstly it was announced that the Dyfed-Powys police force has seen a 2.3% drop in crime in 2011.

Although the crime rate in Aberystwyth is very low, it is reassuring to know that it is dropping further across the area making it an even safer place to live.

At a recent press event I managed to speak to a council employee who had been involved in the town’s recent Purple Flag bid. As part of the process a member of the Purple Flag committee (who belonged to London’s Metropolitan police) examined the town’s crime figures for a 12 month period, and came to the assumption that the council had only sent in figures for 1 week, which I think says it all about Aberystwyth (or London perhaps?)

The second bit of good news came as it was announced that a recent survey has shown that the number of people choosing to holiday in the UK rather than abroad is on the increase and that should mean more tourists for Ceredigion in general.

The area as we all know is something of a tourist magnet, with the bulk of tourists coming from the Midlands but also from further afield to experience the best of what we have to offer.

This boost in tourism numbers should also provide a welcome injection of funds for local businesses in the town and the surrounding villages as people find places to stay, eat and shop.

Although the recession has left a number of retail units empty within the town centre this is one positive thing that may come out of it and help to make the surviving businesses stronger.

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