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Dyfi Furnace

dyfi furnaceDyfi Furnace is located just before the entrance to Ynys Hir RSPB reserve.

This mid 18th century furnace, built by Ralph Vernon who had ties to the Conwy Furnace, was used for smelting iron ore, which was predominantly exported to the Midlands as pig iron.

The original water wheel, which was replaced in the 1800′s, would have worked a set of bellows, which stoked the flames in order to ensure that they were hot enough to produce the raw metal.

According to local records, the furnace was abandoned around the end of the 18th century, and was left in this abandoned state for some time.

However some years later it was turned into a saw mill, used to procees the vast amounts of local lumber available in nearby woodland.

The water wheel you can see today is the one which powered this very saw mill, and has been restored, although it no longer turns. Even as recently as 1994, the water wheel was still fully functional, powered by the waters of the River Einion.

Admission on site is free. However, you can no longer gain access to the building.

For information on getting to Dyfi Furnace by bus, please click here

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