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Easter Weather Fails To Put Off Holiday Crowd

Holiday Season AberystwythIt’s Sunday 8th April and the Easter holiday is in full swing.

It is often said that Easter is the true beginning of the holiday season in Aberystwyth as it is along much of this stretch of Mid Wales coast.

Tourism is the lifeblood of many towns and businesses in this area, and the beginning of the tourism season is a welcome site for many local people whose income depends upon it.

Out and about in Aberystwyth over the last couple of days it is reassuring to see that the poor weather has not affected the crowds of holiday makers who flock to the town every year.

In fact the wet weather will have come as further welcome news to many shops and businesses in the town as the wind and rain tends to drive people away from the seafront and into the streets in the town centre as people look to move from shop to shop to seek shelter from the rain.

It is a well known fact that when the sun in shining and the temperature is high people are driven away from the town centre in favour of the promenade and the beach, and with the majority of business premises being located away from the promenade the rain can actually provide a welcome boost the economy in Aberystwyth.

Let’s just hope however that the spell of sunshine we had at the end of March isn’t the only bit of summer we have this year….

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