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Enid Jones Stands Up To Mill Street Developers

tesco mill street aberystwythWell done to Enid Jones of Glyndwr Road in Aberystwyth who this week turned stood up to Chelverton and the Mill Street development.

Enid along with a number of other residents on the street may have their homes demolished to make way for the new shopping and multi storey car park development.

She was recently offered a new home by developers and stuck to her principles and said no.

Now I am not for one minute saying that I am against the development on Mill Street car park. It will bring jobs to Aberystwyth along with more shoppers which will hopefully be of benefit to small local businesses rather than going into competition with them.

However what I am against is the demolition of peoples homes which they have worked all their lives to pay for and make their own for the sake of a shopping centre. Is that in any way a decent way to behave, or does it just show where our values lie in todays society? With big business and big money put before individuals.

Unfortunately for Enid it may be the case that the council issues a compulsory purchase order on her home which will mean she has to leave and take the money offered for her home.

Think about your home and how you have made it your own. How would you feel if this was taken from you without your say so?

I say well done Enid, for standing up for common sense and decency.

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