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Exploding Truck Tyre Shatters Windows

exploding tyre aberystwythOn Friday 15th October local taxi driver Brian Williams suffered the shock of his life when the glass in his windows and front door all shattered in front of his eyes.

The cause of this damage?

An exploding lorry tyre which could be seen rolling down the road in flames, with smoke billowing out from a gaping hole in the sidewall.

The loaded timber lorry, which was working its way to the railway crossing at Llanbadarn Fawr suffered a blow out right outside his Saron Chapel home.

The force of the explosion not only shattered windows but also caused the tyre and wheel hub to be ripped clean from the rear axle of the trailer.

The tyre then rolled off down the road in a rolling ball of smoke and flames.

On a personal note, as someone who has worked in the Truck Tyre Industry it is not uncommon for truck tyres to blow out from time to time.

However, it is very rare that this level of damage is caused by a blow out, although the close proximity of the vehicle to the houses may explain this.

The most common size on the trailer, a super single (385/65 22.5) can eaisily take 125 – 130LB of pressure as standard, and when a driver manages to damage the sidewall of the tyre after hitting too many kerbs the pressure can be too much for the rubber, especially with a load of around 5000kg per axle compounding the tyre into the ground.

I knew a tyre fitter who was taken to hospital after being blown 15 feet into the ditch at the side of the road by a severely damaged and severely overinflated trailer tyre.

Needless to say, it is lucky that no one was injured by the flying glass.

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