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ynyslas missile testingDid you know……..

During World War II the sand dunes at Ynyslas were used as a top secret missle testing range.

The sand dunes at Ynyslas were closed to the public for a period of time whilst army research boffins attempted to create a missile that was capable of matching the Nazi V2 rocket, often known as the doodle bug.

Upon entering Ynyslas by road, you will notice a patch of open space in the dunes to your left and the concrete launch pad can be found here. There are also a number of observation buildings dotted along the front of the dunes across the golf course.

In fact a number of unexploded bombs and other associated munitions have been discovered (and successfully difused, thank god!) at Ynyslas since it reopened in the late 1940′s, and some of the news clippings can be found on the council’s website.

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