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bardic circle aberystwyth eistedffodDid you know……..

The circle of stones in the centre of the castle grounds at Aberystwyth were placed their for the 1915 Eistedffod which was held in Aberystwyth. The festival was however delayed by a year until 1916 due to World War One.

The stones form the Gorsedd circle and a number of ceremonies take place within the stone circule during the national festival including the proclamation festival. One of these ceremonies can be seen in the photograph.

If you look closely at each stone in the circle you will see an inscription with the name of a county of Wales on every stone. Every county in Wales is invited to send a stone to the town hosting the Eistedffod in order to form the bardic circle, and the inscription shows which county the stone was donated by.

The stones are generally sourced from a mine within the said county or from a quarry within the county that the festival is being held.

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