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morriseyDid you know……………….

Smiths frontman Morrisey wrote the song ‘Everyday Is Like Sunday’ about Borth.

Apparently the relaxed atmosphere of this quaint little fishing village just 6 miles north of Aberystwyth was inspiration enough to make him write the 3rd song from his debut solo album.

Morrisey was apparently quoted as saying that there is ‘something strangely depressing about a seaside town out-of-season’ and not being one well known for up beat songs and lyrics, Morrisey penned the song.

However, when it came to shooting the video Morrisey steared away from using the town as his filming location, and instead took his crew to Southend-On-Sea.

The song has since been re released a number of times, most famously by Chrissie Hynde and The Pretenders, and she was quoted as saying it was her all time favourite song.

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