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ceredigion referendum vote statisticsDid you know………….

In total 66.12% of votes cast in Ceredigion during the referendum for extended law making powers in Wales were Yes votes.

Thats right, not only does that mean that residents in favour outvoted each other by 2 to 1, but also that we are being topical this week.

The actual numbers stacked up as follows:

Yes Votes – 16,505
No Votes – 8,412
Spoiled Ballots – 44

Overall Ceredigion saw a 44.07% turnout at the polls which was almost 7% higher than the national average of 35.2%.

Although Ceredigion is one of the largest counties in Wales, it also had the 3rd smallest population spread across a large area comprising mainly of famrland and small villages making it more difficult in many respects for people to get to polling stations in some locations.

Overall Monmouthshire was the only county in Wales out of a total of 22 which opposed the new powers, and nationally 63.45% of voters said Yes to the new law making powers this week.

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