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Aberystwyth town wallsDid you know…….

The first buildings to be built outside the town walls in Aberystwyth only appeared as late as 1798.

One of those buildings was the baptist chapel, which still stands to date on Baker Street in the town centre.

Up until this point, there had been a number of buildings in the town, but all were protected by the walls which fortified the town, and protected it from outside attack.

Up until 1798, Aberystwyth consisted of the castle surrounded by fortified walls and defences, and outside this a small town surrounded by a further set of walls which stretched down as far as the junction of Great Darkgate Street and Chalybeate Street. The huge gate at this junction, which permitted entry to the town now lends its name to the main shopping street through the town.

And yes, we know that the picture above is a bit of an exaggeration on how the town might have looked, but cameras hadn’t been invented at this point so unfortunately the best we could manage was a picture of Carcassone in France.

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