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Ffresh Start For Festival As Aber Loses Out Again

ffresh moves to cardiffIn the short space of a few weeks Aberystwyth has lost another major event to Cardiff.

Ffresh, which has been staged in Aber since 2002 will no longer be staged in the town.

Once again, possible loss of sponsorship deals has been cited as one of the major factors behind the move.

And with organisations like S4C and that National Film Council of Wales who are meant to be supporting Wales and Welsh culture regardless of where in Wales it may be pulling out of their deals with the Student Moving Image Festival of Wales there was little chance that Aberystwyth could compete with offers from the big city.

Organisers have stated that the event was designed to move around Wales to different venues, and have not ruled out a return to the town in future, but for now the event has been lost.

However this does now leave a gap which can be filled by the many talented and forward thinking people in whom we are lucky to have living in the town, and it would be great to see people pulling together to organise a new event in the near future.

The Chamber of Commerce has already described the decision as a great loss to the town, and this once again highlights the problems faced by rural Wales, as it loses out to its capital city.

Surely many of the towns residents will be asking themselves how a town which is a centre of Welsh learning, innovation and culture can be without a festival which celebrates all these things…

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