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Fishing – South Beach

Fishing Aberystwyth South Beach in Aberystwyth is an excellent spot for sea fishing, with a reef and artificial shelf formed by the concrete pier which shields the harbour from the forces of the sea.

The pier can be fished from both sides, depending on the tide.

The shelf on the southern side becomes exposed at low tide, but the steps can be used to get closer to the water in good weather.

Please note that if you are fishing on the harbour side of the concrete pier, that you will have to bring in your lines as boats enter and depart from Aberystwyth harbour.

Fishing here you can expect to find a large number of flat fish and sea bass.

Further to this it is also a great place to go crab fishing with children. The crabs are abundant in the seaweed on the rocks below.

For more information on south beach, and how to get there, please see this link

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